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tools needed for Rozy and Roxy

One of the particular requirements of the Rozy and Roxy wallet is the closure. You will need a special clasp that is 7 1/2″ (19cm) wide.
The screwdriver and the hollow cutter will make life a lot easier when making these wallets in production style.

I collected some stores that sell these tools and this hardware.
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City slicker, a Chris W pattern

Yesterday I told you that I had been asked to take part in the ChrisW Designs World Blog Tour.  15 Bloggers, Christine herself and two crazy involved ladies (Marsha and Michelle) who are working together to make this week ‘ChrisW Designs’ week.

We have prizes to give away, discounts and more (I can give away 2 free patterns among the readers of this blog !!) Continue reading City slicker, a Chris W pattern

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pattern testers, the sequence

Last year, I wrote an article about pattern testers. I had just launched my first pattern Rozy (after the $1 series of Embellishments) and by then, I realised that I needed to spruce up my game a little.

It is now almost a year later, and I learned a lot over the last months. I know that I can still rely on a core team of testers, people who were with me from the beginning. Thank you Aafke, Trudy, Andrea, and Gena for never giving up on me! Continue reading pattern testers, the sequence

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the Rocket Pocket

Back in December 2016 when I was creating the JODY bag (a sassy shoulder bag) I also created a different style of slip pocket.

A slip pocket that could hold 4 credit/bank/loyalty cards at the same time.
Off course I made a comprehensive training video that shows you how to create this. It’s like me sitting next to you, helping you along the way.

Go get your copy of the Rocket pocket pattern in my shop. And don’t stop there. Take the pattern for the Jody shoulder bag with you when checking out 😉