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Heroes in my life: Aliexpress

Finding hardware and zippers for bag makings can be a journey. In the US and Canada, you can find more then one. For Europe, it’s a whole other ordeal. Importing from the US or Canada is just not affordable. not only shipping cost is high but also customs make it extreme expensive.

Lucky for me I discovered Aliexpress from the beginning of my bag making adventure.
I can find almost anything in China.  99% of it is free shipping.
Why would I pay 2 euro for 1 piece, if I can get 50 pieces for 4 euro?

5 thoughts on “Heroes in my life: Aliexpress

  1. Hi Anne,
    I have the same situation in South Africa. Are there suppliers you would recommend or avoid?

    1. Until now I have not have had a bad expierence. You always get what you pay for. if it is to cheap to be true, then it probably is 😉
      When you think ‘that is a nice price, I get 5 pieces for the price of 1’ then it probably is correct.

  2. Hi Anne, I live in Australia and find everything bought here is so expensive. I have been buying from Aliexpress for some time now. I have enjoyed watching your videos very much. I am yet to buy your patterns as I have only come across you today. thank you


    1. Hi Sharon,
      You can always start with a free pattern 🙂

  3. I also love to order from them. Some have really good quality for a good price! Sadly some hardware isn’t available here in Germany, or they are expensive and/or boring like turnlocks. Now I have some pretty ones no one else does.

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