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Heroes in my life: Fabri-tac

Fabri-tac, the most wonderful glue – to me.  The thing I value the most is the quick drying time. As in: really quick.  Apply it on a piece of fabric. Screw the cap back on (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) and the glue is dry. stick it to an other fabric and press for a second (literally a second)

It’s clear and not running and you almost don’t need anything for it to work.

When it becomes too dense, you dilute it with pure acetone. Not nail polish remover because that contains lots of other stuff we don’t want. Just pure acetone (I get mine from the pharmacist)  A couple of drops and the glue is as new.  I go through a couple of bottles Fabri-tac per year. I use it on every bag. For almost all the basting.

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