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Heroes in my life: staples and a stapler

Ever heard of staple basting? I have. I’m pretty sure I came up with the idea myself, but I know that I’m not the only one who does it. The moment I wanted to share what I did, I found lots of people who basted bags the same way. Using staples for basting has a couple advantages: one of them is that you can not move a staple. Your basting is secure.

You have to baste in the seam allowance, that is for sure. Since most patterns ask to trim the seam allowance, the staples will be removed before you finish your bag.

Not sure how to start?

  1. Place the 2/3/4 layers of fabric on top of each other (the more the better it works)
  2. Take your stapler
  3. Instead of using clips or pins, you use your stapler.
  4. Ready


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