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install invisible magnets

So you decided to use invisible magnetic snaps for the first time. Or the pattern you want to make asks for invisible magnets. Great.

Invisible magnets are simply a pair of flat magnets that are enclosed inside a plastic sleeve.

So how do you go as to actually using them the invisible way? Because sewing the plastic onto your fabric would make them visible again. Lets show you a way to make them completely invisible!

Remember: Even though both sides of your invisible magnets may LOOK the same, they actually are not! So we need to ensure that the second half of the magnets will be attrected by the first. Ootherwise you could end up with them repelling each other!

An easy way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you is to pop the two snaps together, make a cross on the one facing you, turn them over and make another cross. Just as the two ‘blank’ sides attract, so too will the two ‘cross’ sides attract!


I’m going to assume you use a piece of fabric that is interfaced.

  1. Place 1 side of the magnet on your piece of fabric with the cross side up.
  2. Cut a square of woven interfacing (1 1/2” x 1 1/2”) and place this on top of the magnet.
  3. With the tip of your iron, fuse the interfacing around the magnet.
  4. Repeat for the other fabric piece.

Where to buy invisible magnets?

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  1. Thank you for posting this tutorial – it made such sense after I read it.

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