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KAM snaps

Since I use a lot of KAM snaps in my 1$ patterns, I think it’s time to talk KAMsnaps.  What are they and how do you install them?

KAMsnaps are probably the cheapest way to make sure something closes to something else. They are usualy set on childrens clothes and baby stuff, but you can actually use it for a lot of other projects.

KAMsnaps is actually a brandname of plastic closures but it became as generic as the word ‘BIC’, so chances are big that the plastic snaps you are using are counterfeight and not the original KAMsnaps. Still we all call them KAM.

Normally they come in an assortment of colours so you can make them fit with the colour of your fabric.

Installing KAMsnaps can seem daunting or difficult at first, but once you know how to do it, it’s the best way to make sure something little closes. If you buy your KAMsnaps in the correct location (in bulk) then they are so affordable that you don’t hesitate to use them in a project.

Me personally, I never use the tool that came with my collections of snaps. From the beginning of my bagmaking adventures on, I invested in prym vario pliers (UK, EU, US, AUS, DE). And like the word says, its so versatile that I can add whatever dieset (UK, EU, US, AUS, DE) on to it so I can attach whatever I want.  That being said, you just have to use the tool that works best for you and that happen to be in your possesion.

I collected a couple of video tutorials for you so you don’t have to browse through youtube and look for the best instructions.

In this next short video (and nobody is talking!) Gena from I like Big Buttons (WA, USA) shows you how to install it. They sell KAMsnaps as well.

Michelle from Birdcage and thread steps up even a notch and covers her KAM with a pieve of fabric.

Dominica from Easy sewing for beginners explains it also in a different way

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  1. Hi, what type of glue do you use? I know you mentioned it in the video for the rosy wallet but now I can’t find it 😢
    Thanks in advance!

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