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tools needed for Rozy and Roxy

One of the particular requirements of the Rozy and Roxy wallet is the closure. You will need a special clasp that is 7 1/2″ (19cm) wide.
The screwdriver and the hollow cutter will make life a lot easier when making these wallets in production style.

I collected some stores that sell these tools and this hardware.
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custom size zip opening

I’m thrifty. I like to save as much as possible, so I can also spend a lot.
Throwing away good stuff does not feels right to me.
So when I sew and need a zipper that needs to be shortened, I don’t throw away the ends. Well if they are smaller than 5″ I do, because I have not yet found a way to actually use a zipper that is shorter than 5″.
But if it is 5 ½ or longer, no way will I throw it away.

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